Well my first day is over and I am now sat on the ferry, on my way to Rotterdam. It didn’t go exactly to plan…

My friends will all love to tell you that I love type 2 fun. In case you don’t know what type 2 fun is, I will explain. There are two types of fun. Type 1 fun is when you are actually enjoying what you are doing in the moment. For example,  cycling along in the sunshine in a beautiful place would probably be type 1 fun. Type 2 fun however is the kind that, at the time it is happening you are definitely not enjoying it,  maybe it is stressful, hard and generally just a bit grim. But afterwards makes for a really funny story…hopefully! An example of this might be getting lost on a walk with no food or water, aimlessly trying to find your way but failing, its cold and wet and you’d probably much prefer to be somewhere else. But in time it becomes a funny story and many times retold.

This is what I imagined:
A bright winters day with one of those beautiful sunrises you get at this time of year, all pastel colours across the sky. Saying goodbye to my boyfriend before he went off on some mini adventures of his own. Saying goodbye to my mum, who always supports me even when she is worried sick by my crazy ideas and plans. A nice gentle cycle on my first day with my dad to keep me company until I got to Hull and left the country to continue alone. A perfect type 1 kind of day.

As you’re probably guessing this perfect picture didn’t quite come to fruition! 🙂

My boyfriend dumped me yesterday, which came as a bit of a shock, and wasn’t exactly the picture of love and support I had imagined! We hadn’t been together long, but it hurt nonetheless and I even contemplated postponing or cancelling altogether. But what else did I have to do instead? Sit and mope around at my parents house? Not really my thing. So I thought I may as well carry on ans attempt to achieve this mad idea I have.

My dad was ill so couldn’t accompany me after all. I would start my journey as it was to continue after all, alone.

And it turns out my Garmin bike sat nav, which for some reason was determined to take me to Leeds, not Hull, also much prefers to take me on tiny overgrown dirt tracks than actual roads, which incidentally, if you are interested,  doesn’t suit a hybrid bike with road tyres weighed down with 2 months worth of gear! 🙂

So all in all I had more type 2 fun today than I expected.

But despite getting lost and ending up on a dual carriageway, twice, being alone and a little over emotional, I have had a great first day, and most importantly I have made the ferry and my journey will continue tomorrow. My highlight definitely has to be the surprise arrival of my sister and her boyfriend who brought champagne and came to see me off.  Thanks guys.

I also need to say a massive thanks to everyone who has sponsored me. I am already halfway to my target of £1/mile and it is only day 1. I honestly can’t believe how generous you have all been. I really would not have had the mental strength for today if I didn’t know you were all rooting for me. So honestly,  thank you so much.

And if you haven’t yet but would like to, you can sponsor me on http://www.justgiving.com / yorktoturkeybybicycle

Once again thank you, especially to my wonderful parents and sisters and friends.